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Wedding Wednesday

Paige + Zev


Paige and Zev’s wedding was one of the best times I have ever had as an event designer/planner! I had the pleasure of not only designing this feast for the eyes but, being there every minute of their big day! Our theme: “The Dude enters Coraline’s garden.” For you non-movie buffs, that is The Big Lebowski meets Coraline. Visually stunning with elements of fun in every detail. Ironically, that description also fits Paige and Zev to a “T!”

Let’s start with an amazingly personal ceremony.  Candlelit arrangements against warm brick made the space extra romantic with a touch of urban. Zev’s sister, Shana, performed the ceremony – and literally there wasn’t a dry eye in all of Parkside. Everything was personalized from the music Paige walked down the aisle to (“The Man in Me” by Bob Dylan) to the ring exchange, where Shana might have borrowed a line or two from Lord of the Rings. Close friends and family got up during the ceremony to tell stories, give advice and toast Paige and Zev. This ceremony was one of the most moving I have ever witnessed.

After a fun cocktail hour on the Parkside balcony overlooking Sixth Street, guests headed downstairs where The Big Lebowski was playing on the plasmas above the bars. In true Big Lebowski form, guests were asked to sign bowling pins instead of a guestbook. Paige and Zev are now using the pins as bookends at their home 🙂

On to the meal . . . . Each course was hand-picked by Paige and Zev and was delectable! Everyone was raving about the amazing food (particularly the mac n’ cheese) all night. In lieu of traditional wedding cake, Zev’s aunt made his favorite cake (Duncan Hines white cake) in individual pans, and each table got its own. A touching tribute that tasted great!

The look of the dining room created an authentic feel that brought Paige to tears. The long communal table down the center of the restaurant was draped in copper satin and had a sapphire runner down the middle. The centerpieces were straight from Coraline’s garden: great textural flowers in bold colors with birch and moss accents – stunning! Tables were named after Lebowski characters along with photos to jog your memory.

Then came the event everyone was waiting for – the dance party. From our first meeting, Zev told me of Paige’s killer dance moves…and he didn’t exaggerate one bit! Paige channeled her inner “fly girl” and was on the dance floor the entire night. She changed out of her gorgeous gown into a sultry white halter top and jeans so she could get her groove on. Her gold, glittery Tom’s remained on all night 🙂

The fun didn’t end there. Guests were offered a late night snack of White Russian shots, donut holes, sliders and fries. As a take-home favor, guests received a little piece of the couple in a CD of Paige and Zev’s hand-selected, eclectic music choices. Music plays a major role in their lives and is one of the things that drew them together.

Paige and Zev, your love is inspiring and wonderful and contagious. Every meeting was fun, every choice unique, and I can honestly say I wanted it to go on forever. Your wedding was an amazing celebration, and your fabulous family and friends that surrounded you are a testament to what a beautiful life you will share.  Thank you for being the reason I do what I do.

All the love in the world, Gina

Photography Courtesy of SMS Photography

January 26, 2011 - 12:04 pm Leslie Esparza - These two people might be the two coolest people I've ever not met. I LOVE the pictures of the bride dancing. Total fly girl.

January 26, 2011 - 12:05 pm Leslie Esparza - And, by the way...AWESOME job coordinating. Gina is the dude...ette.

January 26, 2011 - 8:31 pm Kit - It was AWESOME! Great dancing, "The Dude", how could it not be great!! Excellent job as always from the CLINKsters!

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