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Things we CLINK to


Popcorn, an effortless treat that brings smiles to faces of every age! Seriously, who doesn’t love popcorn?! We are lucky Austinites to have a home-grown Austin company that does nothing but popcorn: Cornucopia!

Located on Guadalupe, at the South end of the drag is this hidden gem of amazing snacks! Cornucopia has every flavor you can possibly dream of (40+ to be exact) – from savory to sugary sweet! And if they don’t have it, give them your idea and let them create it for you. Dill pickle, salt and vinegar, green corn, cinnamon roll, peanut butter and chocolate, and s’mores are some of CLINK’s favorites.

Cornucopia can provide any size bag you need. They work great for welcome bags or guest take home favors. Or you can buy in bulk and do a late-night popcorn display. Cornucopia will even do custom labels so your clients can get a branded gift!

Popcorn makes everyone happy!

CLINKing to Cornucopia!

June 25, 2011 - 3:11 pm Cornucopia Popcorn Creations - Cheers y'all! thanks for the shout out. We love working with y'all, and are inspired by the creative ways you think to use our popcorn. Keep it popping!

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