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Things we CLINK to

We Love our TOMS!

Spring is here! Time to break out the crisp white clothing, sandals and get your tan on! Spring and summer footwear is more fashionable than ever. And – who knew it could be comfortable too?! TOMS is charitable footwear and as of last summer, they make the shoe we CLINKers are obsessed with – the wedge.

I will never forget when our fabulously fashion forward bride, Jenna, walked into CLINK and had them on. They were striped and adorable and I had to have them immediately. She told me to head on over to bettysport and pick up a pair, and I did just that. I then realized you can’t stop with just one pair! They fly off the shelves, so here is the rule – if you can find them in your size buy them right then and there.

This Spring we are stocking our closets with the tie die collection and Kenya stripe! And if you are unaware of TOMS amazing gifting program, here is the rundown: for every pair of TOMS you purchase, a pair of shoes goes to a child in need. They call the program “One for One.” Shoes that are tax-deductible (totally kidding, IRS), but I will take guilt-free shopping wherever I can get it!

CLINKing to being charitable, fashionable and comfortable – TOMS wedges!

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