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Image It’s All in the Details


Images Courtesy of The Inviting Pear

My love affair with stationery started at an early age with my mom standing over me to make sure I wrote my thank you notes. I realized very quickly that my handwriting varied depending on my mood, the occasion and the recipient. Fast forward some years and stationery has become part of my job description (how lucky am I?!) along with helping  clients choose the perfect font to represent the occasion.  The invitation is the first glimpse of the event’s look and feel. The invitation’s font is just as important as the content!

CLINK guidelines to choosing the perfect font:

1. Make sure it is legible! My biggest pet peeve is receiving an invitation and you can’t read the names of the hosts/honorees because the font is too artistic for its own good! For example:

2. The font should match the formality of the event. These are some of my go to favorites for a formal wedding:

For a western/Texan themed event:

For a whimsical party:

3. Look at the important letters – as in the ones that are in your name or your company’s name. For example, I wouldn’t choose this font because I don’t like the G. (or W).

4. Don’t be afraid to use a combination of fonts to get the guests excited and know they are in for a FUN time!

5. When in doubt, ask an expert. Let them know the look you want to convey to your guests and listen to their advice. If a stationer is not providing guidance for fonts, look elsewhere. Good stationers know their stuff!!!

6. GET A PROOF! Proofing not only ensures that all the information is correct it is key to making sure all of the above rules are met. Send it to several people to get their input as well.

Choosing a font can be OVERWHELMING and that is why I love They have a MILLION fonts to choose from and they are grouped by category for easy searching. Costs vary but once you purchase a font, you own it forever.

Have fun with your fonts and make them a perfect representation of your style!

Here’s to the details,

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