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It’s All in the Details

Manah Manah

One of the best things about Thanksgiving this year was the much-anticipated movie, The Muppets!!!! When the preview came out, I started counting the days until I could witness a felt-filled wonderland! The last Muppet Movie came out 10 years ago . . . way too long to go without some Muppet love.

The movie is phenomenal, and will put you in the best mood ever! So why not take that feel-good Muppet experience and incorporate it into your wedding? Don’t worry, I am not talking about having the Muppet cast usher guests down the aisle…although that would be pretty cool! But consider sprinkling a bit of nostalgic magic throughout your wedding . . . it will put a smile on everyone’s face.

One way to Muppetify your wedding is music! Having a string rendition of “Rainbow Connection” as your bridal party processes down the aisle. Don’t be surprised if people begin humming and swaying 😉 And how great would it be to have “Manah Manah” played at your exit! Everyone could do a Muppet Congo and to see you off at the end of the night J

Doing pedicures with your bridesmaids? Present them with their signature Muppet color. OPI came out with a signature Muppet collection, including shades named: Getting Miss Piggy With It, Excuse Moi, Warm and Fozzie and Meep, Meep, Meep! Fabulous colors with even better names!

Kids in attendance? Make them a Muppet-themed activity bag. Coloring book, stickers and a book. They will be entertained all the way through dinner! Also, everyone loves photo booths at weddings, customize your props with Muppet masks so everyone can become their favorite character.

Here’s to the Muppet Details!

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