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It’s All in the Details

Cuts Like a Knife

The MC announces that the bride and groom are about to cut the cake. Everyone gathers around, the photographer tells you where to stand, and now it is up to you to cut your cake while looking elegant and flawless. No biggie, you do this all the time, right? 😉

Have no fear! Follow these simple guidelines, and you will look like a pro in all of your photos.

Step 1: Your cake table should just have your cake, toasting flutes and cake knife and server on it. Candles and the bride’s bouquet are often added for décor. Your cake should be a masterpiece that stands on its own. Never place a pile of plates or forks on the cake table. Just before your cake is cut, make sure that one plate, two forks and a napkin are in place for cutting. These should be out of the photographer’s shot.

Step 2: Stand side by side (where the photographer tells you) and place your inner arms around each other’s backs . . . like you are supporting them.

Step 3: With your outer arms, grab the cake knife. Don’t worry about your wedding rings showing, everyone knows it is your wedding.

Step 4: Make two long cuts into the bottom layer of your cake, about an inch-and-a-half apart. This becomes your slice.

Step 5: Step back and let your wedding planner or caterer get the cake out with the cake server. If you have to do this yourself, use the server to cut the back piece of the cake and then gently place the server under the piece and place on the plate.

Step 6: Use the cake knife to cut the slice into two small pieces if your wedding planner/caterer has not done so.

Step 7: Feed the cake to one another. You can use your fingers or forks. Be gentle and sweet. Under no circumstance should cake be smashed in your spouse’s face. It isn’t cute. A dab of frosting on the end of the nose is tolerable by some. Always better to err on the side of caution 😉

At all times, listen to your photographer’s cues and be natural. If you don’t want a lot of people around, don’t announce the cake cutting. Make sure you are smiling as you will always be caught on camera by someone 🙂

Here’s to the Details!

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