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It’s All in the Details

27 Dresses

Will you be my bridesmaid? A question every friend loves to be asked…until the bridesmaid dress. While there are still peach, chiffon, puffy-sleeved, Scarlet O’Hara dresses to be found, the days of having bridesmaids looking hideous so the bride will shine are, thankfully, behind us!

When selecting dresses, many things need to be taken into consideration. We have developed the following steps to make sure your girls are comfortable and look their best. They will be forever grateful for taking the time out of your busy wedding planning schedule to consider their individual feelings.

  1. Decide on the formality of the wedding. If you are in a house of worship, check with the wedding specialist to see if there are any wardrobe rules that must be followed (e.g. no strapless gowns). If you are having an outdoor ceremony, consider knee-length or cocktail length dresses. Full-length gowns are great for a formal country club or ballroom wedding. Religious ceremonies can go either way depending on the time of day and how formal the church is. Tea-length gowns are always the hardest because of individual heights. So if you choose this length, let your girls know you would like them altered to true tea-length, which is mid shin.
  2. The shade you pick for your bridesmaids is crucial. It is a detail that will show up in the majority of your photos. Don’t let the season dictate your look; pick a color that goes with the overall desired look of the wedding. And most importantly don’t have them wear the same color as your linens! You can choose several different shades to ensure that each girl has a tone that is flattering to their skin tone. Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and get paint chip samples of the colors you would like your girls to wear. If they are wearing different dresses, let them know what shade you want with the stipulations on formality (sleeveless/strapless, floor length, etc.). You can also never go wrong with neutrals such as champagne, black and gray.
  3. Style is the hardest to nail down.  No two girls will be the same shape. Embrace this and pick individual styles that will work for them! If you want them all in the same style and your girls vary in size, A-line is the only way to go. It is the universally flattering style. Add in some rusching, and everyone will look like a million bucks.
  4. Once you have the dress, it is time for more fun – SHOES! What girl doesn’t love shoes? Having all of your girls wear the same shoe looks fabulous . . . particularly if they are all wearing different dresses, and/or if they are wearing tea-length dresses. Mixing it up with fabulous footwear looks great with flirty cocktail length gowns and formal, full-length. Can’t find the perfect shade, have those babies dyed! Make sure they are all dyed at the same place to ensure consistency. If you are wedding outdoors, consider a stacked chunky heel or wedge. Make sure the ladies bring their shoes to rehearsal!
  5. Time for beauty; this is where professionals come in and save the day. Having all your girls gathered together while you are getting ready to take the big walk is a truly priceless time. Have them pampered by bringing in hair stylists and make-up artists so their look will be flawless. Choose a look that goes with the feel you are going for. Dramatic evening soiree: bring on the smoky eyes and red carpet locks. Vintage outdoor affair, crimson lips, of course, with Mad Men updos! Flip through the gossip mags for red-carpet looks that match your style.
  6. The French kiss detail – the accessories. This is a great time to gift your girls with the perfect necklace, bracelet or earrings. If you aren’t gifting, set guidelines such as diamond studs, no bracelet, single strand necklace.  It’s always nice to suggest your favorite, local costume jewelry shop in case they would prefer to not spend too much on jewelry, but will still look fabulous (we love Francesca’s)!

No matter what you decide, keep the big picture in mind: these are your closest friends and you still want them to love you at the end. Choosing the perfect dress won’t be easy, but it can be fun! Have a girls road trip to check out the chicest boutiques or set up a day of fittings with a custom designer. Your dress can be found anywhere from Anthropologie to BCBG. And if you can’t find them, have them made . . .  it is often more affordable than you think!!

Here’s to the Details!

Photography Courtesy of Eclectic Images, Diana M. Lott Photography, The Nichols and Red Fly Photography

Carrie assigned each girl a color and let them pick any dress that they loved in that shade!

The "Butter" dress by Nadia can be worn several different ways!

Amber chose black for her ladies, they got to pick the style that looked best on them

Jenne's ladies all picked a shoe that would showcase their personality


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