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Tent Time

We CLINKers are huge advocates for rain plans! In fact, a stellar rain plan is one of the first steps in event planning with CLINK. We make sure you love your rain plan so much, you don’t worry about the weather! In fact, one of our brides recently said, “I am so glad it rained,” as her rain plan was stunning! And the reason it was so stunning is simple – a fully decorated, gorgeous tent.

And while a tent is essential for an outdoor event’s contingency plan, we love the look of tenting regardless of the weather. You start with a blank canvas and can fill it with whatever you heart desires. Want an outdoor wedding during a hot or cold season but want everyone to be comfortable? A climate-controlled tent will do the trick. Plus the décor options are limitless!

First off – decide what style of tent you want. It is very important to check with your venue to see what they allow. Always bring in a tenting expert to measure and ask all the right questions. For example, you need to know if there is a water source in close proximity of the tent to fill the barrels for frame tents. You also need to know where the sprinkler lines are located as the stakes of a pole tents could cause a line to burst and flood your event site. Not good!

Once you know what type of tent works best at your venue, and the size that will work best for your event – the FUN begins! Start with your basic design elements: pole wraps and swags. This means all metal frames will be hidden by fabric. Standard white and ivory are always available; however, you can bring in fabrics that accent your linens for a more complete look. Next comes the top of the tent! Clear top tents are gorgeous, however, beware of the sun! If it’s a warm day and the sun is beating down on the tent, you have just created an uncomfortable, steamy greenroom effect! Clear top tents are best on a rainy day or in the winter. If you don’t have a clear top tent, a tent liner is a soft and elegant look that will have guests saying “WOW” when they walk in. If you are not going for the elegant/romantic look, you can do a ceiling treatment in which sheets of fabric are draped from rigging points on the ceiling. You can have draping that runs straight along the width or length of the tent. Or have the draping meet at the center. You get to pick the fabric and color of your draping, so it can be subtle or extravagant depending on the look you are going for.

Perimeter and ceiling treatments are in place, now it is time to bring in the lighting! Huge, white nylon lanterns create your quintessential “Meet Joe Black” look. Paper lanterns in varying sizes and shades are a great way to introduce color.  Grapevine balls define “rustic chic.” And last but not least – chandeliers! Chandeliers come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Iron, crystal, glass, fabric – the possibilities are endless and new options are constantly arriving in Austin!

No matter the weather, tenting is one way to transform the look of your event!

Here’s to the Details,

Photography Courtesy of Diana M. Lott Photography, Jennifer Lindberg Weddings, Photography by Vanessa, SMS Photography, Stella Alessi and Marquee Tents

"The Red Tent", where April got ready with all her ladies to walk down the aisle!

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