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Bout up

The boutonniere is the lapel adornment worn by the groom and other males in the wedding party. It is a simple detail to honor those closest to the bride and groom. Even with its simplicity – there are some definite dos and don’ts to make sure that it improves the look of the menswear instead of being a noticeable distraction.

CLINK’s guidelines to selecting the perfect boutonniere:

  • The size selection of the boutonniere is crucial.  Do not pick a huge bloom (like a dahlia or large peony) that will overpower the lapel. For a single bloom, go with a medium size flower or do a cluster of smaller blooms.
  • Have different boutonnieres for different members of the wedding party,.This enables the groom to stand out.
  • Pair up the floral look according to whom they will be photographed the most with. The groom’s boutonniere should always take its inspiration from the bridal bouquet and therefore be different from all others.  Match the groomsmen with the bridesmaid’s bouquets, and match the mothers with fathers.
  • Wrap the boutonniere in a high-quality ribbon that matches the attire, not the flower. There is nothing more distracting than an ivory ribbon treatment on a black lapel.
  • If men are not wearing jackets they should not wear boutonnieres.
  • There is no rule that boutonnieres are required, so if you are trying to stay on a strict budget this is a great place to save!
  • When wearing a boutonniere, the pocket square or handkerchief should be removed or tucked into the pocket. Wearing both is too many accessories.

The last picture perfect detail is to make sure the boutonniere is secured and in the correct place. Always have a variety of pins on hand as many pins are thin and can’t hold up. For a very heavy boutonniere, secure it at the stem and base of the flower so it does not fall forward. The boutonniere should always be pinned on the buttonhole on the left hand lapel of the jacket.  Pin from behind the lapel so there are no tiny hints of silver shining through.

Here’s to the details,

Photography Courtesy of Eclectic Images Photography, Red Fly Photography, SMS Photography

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