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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Little Known Facts About CLINKers

  1. Tanya’s theme song is “Push It” by Salt-n-Pepa
  2. Gina doesn’t wear jewelry (and Denise wears too much)
  3. Aimee cannot go 15 minutes without a snack
  4. Claire has retired twice (to be home with her three kids) and is now back for the third time. She just can’t quit us!
  5. Denise hates BBQ
  6. N’Yoka is CLINK’s version of Xanax . . . our calming force
  7. Gina can shoot a 12-gauge and is a (self-proclaimed) pretty good shot.
  8. Tanya is a fast-food junkie and goes through at least one drive-thru per week.
  9. Denise’s son is vying for Gina’s job as CLINK’s Creative Director.
  10. Our in-office emergency kit includes vodka, wine, beer, bubbles and an unending supply of chocolate.

And we are proud to announce that the winning charity is Dell Children’s Hospital! Thanks to all who participated.

Thank you all for an amazing ten years! CLINKing to MANY more!!!

June 26, 2012 - 12:41 pm Heather Banks - Happy Anniversary Clink!! I'm happy to have known y'all since the beginning! Love you guys! And Claire is back?! I did not know that. Yay!!!!

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