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Finding Your Groove!

Deciding between a fabulous band and killer DJ is often a hard choice to make! Great music at your wedding is a must, as it keeps your party going and guests dancing! The MC plays a huge role also – a great one keeps guests engaged and a bad one will have eyes rolling. The best case scenario – and a surefire way to have fantastic live music, original recordings, AND a professional MC is to have both a live band and a DJ. Obviously, this can be a significant expense, but one that is well worth it! This ensures no moments of silence and your dance floor will always stay packed.

To help you decide what form of entertainment is right for you, we went to the experts! Floyd Hyman of Emerald Entertainment, a man who wears many musical hats including booking agent/band guy/manager, and Josh Wilkinson of Penguin Entertainment, Owner and DJ extraordinaire!


Floyd recommends that couples see the bands live! And I quote: “See them live, see them live, see them live.” So perhaps you should see them live, ha! He also suggests consulting a local event professional before booking a band because you can only learn so much information about a band from their website. If you are unsure on what type of band you want, the event professional can talk to you about types of bands and pricing. Then, you can communicate what type of music you want/don’t want, how interactive you want the band to be, price range, female or male vocalists or adding some “wow” with a horn section.

Once you have picked the perfect band, make sure to look at its song list! If there are songs on the list that you don’t like – not a problem just let the band know you don’t want those songs played. However, if you find that you are scratching off half of their set list… might consider looking at other bands! Have a song that is a “must play” and isn’t part of their repertoire? No problem! The majority of bands will learn your special song for a nominal fee.


Josh Wilkinson recommends meeting all potential DJs in person before booking! He made this great point: A DJ is the most visible vendor to a guest, so it is important to ensure the DJ’s personality represents you well. If the company you choose employs multiple DJs, make sure you get to meet the actual DJ that will be at your wedding rather than a representative. This is key! Josh also recommends not being shy when it comes to asking questions about their experience and performance style, as well as their familiarity with the venue and openness to taking requests. The more you know, the better. Knowledge is power!

Josh also suggests getting a great wedding coordinator J “ Weddings entail way more details and work than one might guess and having someone pull all the elements together, as well as be there to deal with the unexpected, is the best investment you’ll make.  They’re your insurance that the wedding day will go as perfectly as possible.” We couldn’t agree more, thanks Josh!

Be honest and as detailed as possible about what you expect from your DJ: music selection, performance style, and the amount of time he/she should be on the microphone. The more information you give them, the better they can prepare for your day.

CLINKbits when selecting your entertainment

  • Incorporating your musical tastes is great! But if your style is more on the obscure side – keep it to cocktail hour and dinner music, that way you can hear your favorite tunes, but they won’t clear your dance floor!
  • If you have a band that plays a genre that may be unfamiliar to some/most of your guests, (such as country or latin) considering hiring dance instructors to teach guests some moves. It’s fun, interactive and entertaining. And it’ll encourage guests to get out on the dance floor.
  • Make sure you script the MC announcements. And be sure to include to name pronunciations!!!

Thanks to Floyd and Josh for all their great tips and recommendations. You both rock our world!

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